Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 1

I guess I really need to explain what happened, at least from my perspective.  I'm doing this just in case there are live people outside my city and to try and explain things to myself.

In a way, we were lucky that July 4th landed on a Wednesday.  I hate going to the grocery store and I hate using up my weekend time to go there.  Because the Wednesday was a freebie, I figured I could get stocked for a while.

The wife and I did the usual shopping but we also purchased a large amount of freezable food.  She had enrolled in a graduate program and would not be around to make dinner for us.  I'm like a caveman when it comes to cooking, so she thought the best thing to do was to keep it simple for me, hence the freezable food.

As you know, we have been breaking temperature records all over the states.  My city was no different.  And in a way, I think this may have caused some stress on the electric systems of some buildings.  The last thing I have been able to deduce from the internet was that a certain "National Emerging Infectious Disease Laboratory" in my city had a malfunction due to the inclement weather.  Even though they were not supposed to be operational, they had been conducting some tests and they had gone awry.  The infectious disease ran out of control and the suppression systems malfunctioned.  The infected were out on the streets before anyone could be informed.

We were back at the marina when we started hearing all of the sirens.  To us it was normal, but I always like to check twitter just in case.  Everything was silent.

We had started the grill when we first started noticing more "crackheads" than normal in our part of the city.  I wasn't too worried until one of them attacked some folks right outside of the marina.  People went over to help, and when I was approaching, I started hearing a lot of screaming.  You can call me a coward, but as soon as I heard all of that screaming, I ran back to the boat.  The screaming was definitely not normal.

I guess you could say we are well protected from the outside world because we are surrounded by a moat.  It's not really a moat, but there is a body of water between the "main land" and our dock.  As soon as the screaming started, people started running everywhere.  Everywhere but the water.  We were on the water.  We were relatively safe, but I am a pretty paranoid guy.  I've played plenty of video games and watched my fair share of movies to know how these things pan out.  I fuckin' turned on the engines and started my way out of the marina before the locals learned there was nowhere to run.

On our way out, I tore a cleat off the dock, banged the sailboat next to ours, and scraped a good amount of paint off the starboard side of the boat.  I really didn't care.  At that moment, I felt like Kevin Costner on "The Bodyguard" and was kicking the shit out of everyone in my path.  I got the hell out of there, while my wife was trying to contain the fired-up hot dogs on the grill.

That's the last time I saw other people.  I was really looking forward to seeing the tall ships.