Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 16


I know you're out there...

I saw a local I.P. address read this blog, and it wasn't mine.  I also saw that you stayed on the site for at least twenty minutes before you left.  Either you can't believe what you're reading, or your head got bitten off before the computer was destroyed.

In any case, I will keep posting in case there are any survivors.  It is too risky for me to stay close to the city and I will only come visit twice a week.  I need to conserve fuel you know.  Also, I can still see some of the zombies walking around everywhere and I really don't know if I can trust humans either.

It feels rather strange that everything on the internet seems like it froze after the 4th of July.  Also, I really can't access any server outside of this state.  The strangeness, along with my unusual "free time" has allowed me to come up with a few conspiracy theories.  So let's see how close I am:

Conspiracy Theory "A": Researchers wanted to see how society would react to a zombie outbreak so they just let the zombies go wild while the city was quarantined and the army was taking notes.

Conspiracy Theory "B": I was kidnapped and am being fed some crazy drugs that make me hallucinate being alone and scared while zombies eat the rest of humanity.

Conspiracy Theory "C": This was an accident and the government is paying close attention to see how it pans out.  They have cut all communications in and out of the city so the rest of the world doesn't find out.

So far, I like "C" the best.  It is really strange that there are no internet postings after July 4th, no radio signal, no cell phone signal, no satellite tv, and the city hasn't been nuked.

Oh well, we are starting to run out of beer and canned fruit.  I may need to make a run into town pretty soon.  I found this map where it shows spots to find food, ammo, and other cool stuff.  If anyone is out there, I suggest taking a peek:

For now, if you are still reading, please comment.  I would love to meet another live person.